The Development Vision of Bait Al-Anbat

This vision aims at  improving the conditions of local communities surrounding the archaeological sites. In other words, it intends to improve the quality of the life of individuals, families and special groups, such as children and women. It is based on accurate understanding of the needs and priorities of these local communities in the light of what might be called the integral codes and value development. The following principles are of paramount importance:



1-       Sustainability: The development of local communities surrounding the archaeological sites requires sustainability-- self-sustainment through enabling them to manage and preserve the resources for future purposes.

2-       Participation: Local communities should be involved in initiative, planning and implementation in order to yield fruitful results that meet the needs of people.

3-       Scientific Planning:  Fulfillment of the general objectives of local development of local communities near the archaeological sites is in need of a comprehensive scientific plan that takes into account the objective assessment of needs, realities and priorities.

4-       Societal Responsibility: In environments of tourism investment dominated by the private sector, development needs to activate the principles of societal responsibility toward local communities.