Heritage   Architecture Seminar ( Petra, 7-10 August 2006)

This seminar was co-organized
by Bait Al-Anbat and the architectural branch of the Engineers’ Union from 7-10 August 2006. Its objective was to offer an educated and scientific perspective on Arab and local heritage as pertaining to architectural engineering. This included discussion of heritage and important archaeological sites, modern techniques relevant to the study of architecture, and the best methods of preserving these sites.
The conference also shed light on the city of Petra as a unique national symbol of Jordan’s architectural heritage.


Conference Themes:


  1. Architecture and Socio-historical Conferences
  2. Civilization and Architectural Dimensions :

- Architecture and Civilization Structure

- Heritage and Historical Shaping

  1. Economic and Environmental Aspects :
    - Tourism and the Heritage Environment
    - Economic Structure and the Maintenance of Heritage Sites
    - The City of Petra: A Case Study
    - Current Status: Prospects and Threats
    - Developing and Maintaining the Site
  2. Future Dimensions and Developing Strategies :
    - Heritage argumentation for the preservation of heritage architecture: originality and modernity
    - Technology and change in the structure of civilization
  3. The First National Seminar on Studies for the Preservation of Petra’s Ruins, 13-14 March 2006


Seminar Objectives:


  1. To identify the status of the sites of ruins, their national value and its specialty;
  2. To identify Petra’s natural history and geological structure;
  3. To identify the sources of threats to the natural sites regarding the geological, fractural, climatic, and botanical aspects, as well as other environmental dimensions;
  4. To identify the indigenous residents’ role in the preservation of the site and the role of the public orientation and awareness concerning strengthening of the positive value of the site; and
  5. To review the plans and programs for restoring and managing the sites which are implemented by the concerned authorities and scientific institutions.


Seminar Themes :


First Theme:

-           The Natural History of Petra and the Surrounding Areas

-           Geological Structure

-           Climate

-           The Earth's Surface


Second Theme:

-           The Environmental System

-           Vegetation

-           Vital Diversity

-           The Change of the Environmental System


Third Theme:

-           Sources of Threats to the Archaeological Sites

-           Significance of the Archaeological Sites

-           Tourism and the Maintenance of Heritage Resources 

-           Demography and the Social Dimension

-           The Natural and Environmental Dimension


Fourth Theme:

-           Efforts to Preserve Archaeological Sites

-           Review of Previous Studies and Reports

-           Review of Restoration Projects and the Maintenance of Archaeological Sites

-           Site Administration