The Scientific Exhibition

Bait Al-Anbat organized twelve exhibitions during the period of 2000-2005 that sought to publicize the results of the archaeological excavations and exhibitions at archaeological sites. It also endeavored to spread information about Nabataean civilization and Jordan’s ancient history.

-           The Nomadic Life Exhibition southern Jordan -Past and Present (in cooperation with the Jordanian embassy)

-           Um Al-Jimal Town Exhibition (in cooperation with the Al Al Bait University)

-           Petra and the Orient Exhibition (with artist Dr. Eyed Al-Masry )

-           Athroh Archeological Exhibition. (in cooperation with the Al-Ashari municipality)

-           Exhibition of Nabataean New Sculpture

-           Exhibition of Folklore in the Petra Territory

-           Exhibition of Western Explorers Visiting Petra

-           Exhibition of American Excavations in Petra (in cooperation with the Akwar Center)

-           Exhibition of the Evolution of Arabic Script from Nabatean to Arabic

-           Exhibition of Images from Petra I

-           Exhibition of Images from Petra II

-           Exhibition of New Excavation Results in Petra