1. To increase interest in the Jordanian cultural movement by both emphasizing its uniqueness, and linking it to the broader Arab identity.
2. To raise awareness of the historical, social, and human institutions of Arab culture.
3. To contribute, in accordance with local private and public culture, to the spreading of democratic culture, participation in development, and a culture of human rights. Bait Al-Anbat also endeavors to employ the local heritage as a tool for maintaining social, civilized understanding.
4. To spread awareness of the values of cities that are home to heritage sites and to cooperate with them,  as well.
5. To take part in discussing the affairs of Jordan’s cultural and heritage environment.
6. To emphasize the value of Jordan’s geography and to make its role in history more prominent.
7. To increase the prominence of the valuable role that culture can play in the marketing of tourism, including organizing programs to meet this need.
8. To sponsor activities and cultural programs which correspond to the objectives of Bait Al-Anbat.
9. To encourage the translation of Nabatean research and studies into Arabic.
10. To offer a high level of recognition for distinguished efforts to explore the Nabatean civilization, with the agreement of the former Minister of Culture.
The internal structure of Bait Al-Anbat is based on the following:
1. A clear framework for determining duties, tasks, and rights.
2. Systematic participation and independence in order to accomplish its objectives.
3. The motivation to sustain all programs and work towards all objectives, while consistently maintaining a high level of quality.
4. All endeavors take into account Bait Al-Anbat’s main purpose of raising awareness of the diverse civilizations that have existed and thrived in the Arab region.