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Bait Al-Anbat Project for Writing and Publishing

Bait Al-Anbat Project for Writing and Publishing


Bait Al-Anbat launched an ambitious cultural project, the first in writing and publishing. It specializes in ancient history and the ruins of Jordan. It attempts to contribute to the urgent need for introducing ancient history of Jordan to the general public. The Arabian library is in great need of publications, equivalent to the cultural contribution of the geography and history of Jordan to human civilization.


The philosophy of this project stems from the strong sense of responsibility for spreading the awareness of the role of the cultural geography of Jordan, especially the role of the Nabataean civilization in constructing the Arabic cultural identity. It is an explicit response to emphasizing the historical sense of the self in the world ravaged by changes and fluctuations. In addition, it is of great importance to establish a database, which contributes to benignly constructing the cultural image of the history of Jordan – the postponement of which creates a great deal of problems.


This project consists of three series of publications:

  1. The first series: publications of 35 books about Nabataean and ancient Jordanian civilization.
  2. The second series: publications of literary works (including poetry, short story, novel, and drama) which explore and employ the ancient history of Jordan, and contribute to creating a new way of realizing it.
  3. The third series: publications of children books about the history of Jordan in general and the Nabataean civilization in particular.