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Dar Shaqilat for Cultural Products

Dar Shaqilat for Cultural Products



Dar Shaqilat for Cultural Products focuses on cultural products, sold as souvenirs and gifts, the designs of which are inspired by  Jordanian material and immaterial heritage. Our products include practical features and take into account the need for sustainable development, fair trade and the need for inter-cultural communiction.  Therefore, it is fundamental that the societal needs, such as improving the quality of the local communities, should be integrated with cultural specialties and  with the need to be open to others.

        The project includes the establishment of an array of cultural products: Dar Shaqilat for embroidery and fashion, Dar Shaqilat for souvenirs and gifts, and Dar Shaqilat for documentation and the making of movies. These cultural products derive their themes, designs, colours, and codes from the human heritage. In particular the artistic heritage of the Nabataeans, whose has outstanding achievements and cultural legacy, demonstrates an openess to other cultures.

      This project in many ways targets productivity for women, which needs more attention. It will offer them appropriate work opportunities, training, suitable rehabilitation in line with the areas of production. Women inhabiting the areas surrounding touristic sites in Jordan, especially Petra, suffer from unemployment because of the incapacity of the touristic sector to integrate them in the available career opportunities.


The General Objective of the Project:

      We generally attempt to combine the need of cultural products, expressive of cultural identity with the real need of employment in order to improve the quality of life. The point here is to integrate all elements of the touristic market available in Petra, and its neighbouring  local communities.


The Special Objectives:

  In particular, we intend to achieve the following:


1- Offering cultural products, souvenirs, and gifts, highlighting the cultural features of Jordan and presenting them to tourists, visitors of Jordan, and to Jordanians in general.  In so doing, we aim at bridging the gap in the Jordanian market.


2- Employing and qualifying women in areas suitable for their capacities. They will be trained on all processes of production of this project.


3- Developing a project focused on continuity and future expansion that guarantees  improvement in quality of life in the local community, with special attention on marginalized groups, such as women and children.