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The Gifts of Jordan

  The Marketing Arm of the Projects of the Cultural Industries


It is the electronic gateway for the marketing and promotion of the products of the cultural industries produced by workshops of Bait Al-Anbat and civil institutions concerned with the cultural industries emphasizing inherent cultural value. Bait Al-Anbat launched several projects, most significantly Dar Shaqilat for Cultural Industries, which aims at offering local products imbued with Nabataean cultural insignias. It is essential to take advantage of  the revolution in knowledge, technology, and telecommunications, such as electronic trade, in an attempt to market the products of Dar Shaqilat, in addition to the mechanism of traditional marketing.   Therefore, Gifts of Jordan is considered  the marketing arm of the products of Dar Shaqilat for Cultural Industries through www.jordangifts.org, which offers scientific and cultural resources about the cultural industries, training courses in the area of cultural industries, and documenting the Jordanian popular cultural heritage.