Bait Al Anbat” Declaration''

     A number of Jordanian, scholars, academics, writers and journalists are launching a concerted effort to study and document Jordanian cultural history and the role different civilizations played in shaping it.

     After 18 months of debate and inter-disciplinary discussions the group resolved to establish a forum under which these activities can be carried out. The group decided to name their forum Bait Al Anbat , which in Arabic means the House of Nabataeans.  Their civilization flourished in Jordan for six centuries before the birth of Jesus Christ.
      Bait Al Anbat, which will be officially known as the Arab Forum for Cultural Interactions, was officially registered with the Ministry of Culture on April 27, 1997.
     Among other functions, the forum will participate in and support Arab cultural activities in Jordan, and spread awareness of the different civilizations that have existed and thrived in the Arab region. Protecting and preserving Arab cultural heritage, in all its forms, will also be a main priority for the group.
      While attempting to preserve the heritage of the Nabataeans in form and substance, Bait Al Anbat will strive to serve as a bridge between the legacy of the past and our modern culture.