Participants in Development Tourism Future Conference

Petra 17-18/2/2010




Ahmad Rababah

Attitudes of Travel and Tourism Agencies toward Eco-tourism in Jordan

The University of Jordan

-Dr .Ibrahim Kahlil bazazo

-Sami Hasanat

GIS Applications in Tourism Promotion “An applied study on the city of Petra, Jordan”

-Middle East University for Graduate Studies

- Al-Hussein   Bin   Talal   University

 Dr. Ahmed Amayreh

impact of tourism infrastructure on the development of the heritage site of Petra in Jordan

Middle East University for Graduate Studies

Dr. Bashar Al-Zu’bi


Role of Jordan Investment Board in development investment in Petra

Jordan Investment Board

Dr. Fadi Bala’awi

Petra monuments and salt damage: challenges and prospective

Hashemite University


Dr. Kadrya el-bendary

Tourism development in Al-Petra and comparing it with tourism in Sharm Al-Sheikh and Dahab

High Institute   for   Tourism   and   Hotels   E.G.O.T.H - Ismailia

Dr. Mahmoud Dwairi


Development the local community of petra to enhance the benefits of tourism for poverty elevation of poorness  

Malaga University-


Dr. Maram Freihat

Awareness of tourism and cultural communication

Al-Hussein   Bin   Talal   University

Dr. Mohammad Amayreh

Role of social and national stage of basic education in raising awareness of tourism in Jordan

Mutah University

Dr. Nabil Hawamedeh

Tourism in petra The current situation and prospectsfor development

Middle East University for Graduate Studies

Dr. Radi Hmadden

Responsible investment: the experience of the hotel sector in Petra

Al-Hussein   Bin   Talal   University

Dr. Saed Twissi

The human factor as a threat to cultural sites: Petra, a Case Study

Al-Hussein   Bin   Talal   University


Dr. Suleiman Al – Bdour

Development Obstructions in Petra and the Scope of Solution

Al-Hussein   Bin   Talal   University

Dr. Zeyad al-Salameen


Safeguarding Petra and the Threats that are Facing its Monuments

Al-Hussein   Bin   Talal   University

-Eng. Mohammed Al Ta'ani

- Abeer Al Mughrabi

Renewable Energy systems for Petra

Jordanian renewable energy Society

Eng. Yahai Hasanat

Urban and organizational expansion and challenges of the infrastructure in the Petra region

Bait Al Anbat

Eng.Sarinaz Sari Suleiman


Wadi Musa and Al-Taibeh Between Sustainable Tourism and Rate of Change

The University of Jordan

Fawwaz Hasanat

Role of local hotels in development

Association of Hotel Owners

Maha Mashaleh

Woman role in development

Wadi Women's Association

-Maher Al Qrutee

-Ahmed Krashan

Marketing of the Jordanian tourism

Jordan Tourism Board

Prof.Dr. Issam Mousa


Petra: The Cultural Capital of the Arabic Script In The First Communication Revolution

The Middle East University For Graduate Studies


-Prof.Dr. Nasem Barham

-THab Damen Albrari   


-Ahmad Rababah

local Communities Role in developing Tourism in Petra

The University of Jordan

Prof.Dr.khalaf Tarawneh

Atmouh "state But the role of museums Jordan actually of Petra"

Mutah University

Rasmi Hamzeh


Role of the National Corporations and the International Funded Projects in Petra Region Development Process JEDCO as a Model

Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation

Tagreed Hasanat

Role of tourism in social and economic realities in Petra

Al-Hussein   Bin   Talal   University